About Us

Purrder, She Wrote

One day, we were searching for a Samurai Pizza Cats DVD on Amazon. Instead, we found a whole mess of cozy cat mysteries. Thanks to that quirk in the algorithm, Purrder, She Wrote was born.

Sunshine LeMontree

Sunshine is a writer with a camera, a redhead descended from cats, and a fancy coffee enthusiast with a penchant for exploring the strange and beautiful. Outside of cat podcasting, Sunshine blogs at slemowonder.com.

Dana LaCoco

Dana’s favorite things in life, in no particular order, are needlecrafts, sweaters, cats, Tokyo, tasty food, prescription eyewear and the color yellow. In addition to co-hosting Purrder, She Wrote, Dana blogs about fiery garbage television at Reality TV Ph.D.

Charlie & Malort & Herschel

Our orange tabby boys inspire us every day. We work hard so they can have a good life.

Malort the cat